Public Beta Version 2.6

Download Section

By Michael Carson, Zunair Fayaz and Rod Arc.

Thank you for downloading our software. For more information about how to use the software visit the Wiki section.

You are about to download a Beta Version 2.3 under development. Is the best solid version we have released so far. The software is called LINKS. How ever you can name the A.I. with any name you want. Here are a few examples of A.I. names used in movies and games:

J.A.R.V.I.S. (Just a Rather Very Intelligent System) From IRONMAN
FRIDAY (Friday) From Avengers 2
ULTRON (Ultron) From Avengers 2
V.I.K.I. (Virtual Interactive Kinect Intelligence) From IRobot
SONY (Sony Robot) From IRobot
RED QUEEN (Red Queen) From Resident Evil
P.I.N.N. (Phisical Independent Neuro Network) From Trascendence
T-1000 (Terminator 1000) From Terminator
SKYNET (Sky Network) From Terminator
MOTHER (Mother) From Alien
JEEVES (British Voice) From TITANFALL
LISA (British Voice) From TITANFALL
BETTY (English Voice) From TITANFALL
VANESSA (British Voice) From TITANFALL
S I D (Droid Voice) From TITANFALL
HENNA (German Voice) From TITANFALL
AUDREY (French Voice) From TITANFALL
SOPHIA (Italian Voice) From TITANFALL
RYOKO (Japanese Voice) From TITANFALL
NATALIA (Russian Voice) From TITANFALL

This is an example of how you can use the software as you use an A.I. name from a movie.

Windows Vista SP2
Windows 7 SP1
Windows 8
Windows 8.1
Windows 10
*Note: Windows XP is not supported

We are still working to complete the GAME options, EMAIL, NEWS, and the new MUSIC PLAYER U.I.
How ever the basic functionallities to call commands are working as well as the keyboard section.

Beta software is not fully tested by either the, or by Mega-Voice-Command, and may include significant issues. It is your responsibility to protect your system and your data when using Beta software. Mega-Voice-Command/ strongly recommended you back up all of your data prior to using Beta software from any source. Mega-Voice-Command/ take no responsibility for damage to your files or filing system nor for any harm it may cause to you computer or any device connected to you computer or network. You use this sofware at your own risk. Beta software is offered "AS-IS" and does not carry any warranties or support services.