4k monitor with links

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4k monitor with links

Post by Poetic-Soul »

Hi All,

I am looking into getting a new monitor for my system. I am wondering if getting a 4k monitor is worth it. And if so which one do you all recommend. I would like to know first off if windows 8.1 can really handle a 4k monitor with out everything looking out of shape/proportion. Also will L.I.N.K.S look to small if I use the highest resolution.

I will probably be getting a new video card also right now the one I have is a Nvidia Geforce GTX 950 with 2 gig of memory. If that isn't enough what video card do you also recommend. I would like to stick with NVIDIA.

I have seen comments on here about some users using high end systems to run links, but haven't seen any profiles/specs on what they call highend. (memory/graphics card/mic etc.) it would be nice to know what some of you are running. As for me right now I am running win8.1 with 32gigs of memory and using a Logitech Webcam for my mic. Single Monitor setup but thinking about expanding to 3 monitors.

Thanks for any info you all can give.
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Re: 4k monitor with links

Post by Zunair »

Not sure if public version looks big enough on 4k or not.. But Dev beta does handle it nicely.

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