Creating Iron Man's Alarm with LINKS

Tell us how Jarvis makes your life easier and share your methods.
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Creating Iron Man's Alarm with LINKS

Post by KiritoStark »

Hello fellow tech lovers! :shock: :D
I'm from a Brazilian company that uses authentical Deep Learning CNNs and state of the art AI methods in health area, however LINKS isnt a robot that can understand and get better with only listening and cant create new commands by itself.

So let's get to the Topic! :idea:

As you guys already saw, in Iron Man 1, the first interaction that Jarvis shows up is in a form of Alarm, but not a normal alarm, shows a set of information to his owner aka Tony Stark. :lol: :lol:

How could we arrange a way to set an Alarm, then after the alarm rings it starts showing up information... Like "Good morning, Sir. Its (Time e.g. 7:08 AM), (Weather e.g. with 19 degrees, sunny day with wind 6m/h), Seems like (tech news or in my case some Healthcare technology news)."
-- Adding to this topic a question to the ADMs -- I'm doing a program to interact with google speech recognition so I can use an bluetooth microphone from outside the house and still control LINKS by distance. So my question would be, how can my program chat with LINKS? By through a webservice, or an API, there is a way I can send a string text or a Jstring or Jscript with text in it? How can I do that interaction, we would be creating the program in C# by visual studio through a webservice or not.

Thank you guys, let's upgrade LINKS to its finest :ugeek: :ugeek:

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Re: Creating Iron Man's Alarm with LINKS

Post by Zunair »

Take a look at LINKS web service in wiki.

You can also add commands on the fly but will have to code a bit.

Alarm can be set using windows task manager in next mk3 update.

Almost any coding language should be able to send commands to LINKS via CLI or web service. CLI is not available to public yet.

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