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**If you get an error about object not set to an instance of an object....
Go to control panel and find the speech recognition section
Open it up and press start speech recognition.
Run through all of that, then when the recognizer opens, close it.
Open up jarvis and see is this helps.
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Error Log

Post by danbrad »

Can anyone help me with this error log? It slows loading at startup.

25/06/2020 01:01:35
OS: Microsoft Windows 10 Enterprise
Source: System.Speech
Message: Double-quoted string not valid.
Line: 0
StackTrace: at System.Speech.Internal.SrgsParser.XmlParser.ParseText(IElement parent, String sChars, String pronunciation, String display, Single reqConfidence, CreateTokenCallback createTokens)
at System.Speech.Internal.GrammarBuilding.GrammarBuilderPhrase.CreatePhraseElement(IElementFactory elementFactory, IElement parent)
at System.Speech.Internal.GrammarBuilding.GrammarBuilderPhrase.CreateElement(IElementFactory elementFactory, IElement parent, IRule rule, IdentifierCollection ruleIds)
at System.Speech.Internal.GrammarBuilding.BuilderElements.CreateChildrenElements(IElementFactory elementFactory, IItem parent, IRule rule, IdentifierCollection ruleIds)
at System.Speech.Internal.GrammarBuilding.ItemElement.CreateElement(IElementFactory elementFactory, IElement parent, IRule rule, IdentifierCollection ruleIds)
at System.Speech.Internal.GrammarBuilding.OneOfElement.CreateElement(IElementFactory elementFactory, IElement parent, IRule rule, IdentifierCollection ruleIds)
at System.Speech.Recognition.GrammarBuilder.InternalGrammarBuilder.CreateElement(IElementFactory elementFactory, IElement parent, IRule rule, IdentifierCollection ruleIds)
at System.Speech.Recognition.GrammarBuilder.CreateGrammar(IElementFactory elementFactory)
at System.Speech.Recognition.GrammarBuilder.Compile(Stream stream)
at System.Speech.Recognition.Grammar.LoadCfg(Boolean isImportedGrammar, Boolean stgInit)
at System.Speech.Recognition.Grammar.LoadAndCompileCfgData(Boolean isImportedGrammar, Boolean stgInit)
at System.Speech.Recognition.Grammar.InitialGrammarLoad(String ruleName, Object[] parameters, Boolean isImportedGrammar)
at System.Speech.Recognition.Grammar..ctor(GrammarBuilder builder)
at jarvisWPF.GrammarWithCommandList..ctor(GrammarBuilder _GrammarBuilder)
at jarvisWPF.PublicClass.CreateGrammar(String GrammarName, String DynamicGrammar, List`1 ListOfGrammar, Boolean Enabled)
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